Aleksandra Faust, Ph.D.

Senior Research Robotics Engineer

aleksandrafaust <at>

July 2018         Distinguished Alumni, School of Engineering, University of New Mexico


May 2018        Best paper in Service Robotics at ICRA

April 2017        New York Times interview: 

                          Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)

Fall 2015          Alum News, Newsletter The Computing Research Association’s Committee on the

                          Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) Newsletter, Summer/Fall 2015

May 2015        Sandia Daily News

                         "Sandia robotics scientist wins prestigious UNM dissertation award" (Read more)

April 2015       Inside UNM

                         "Faust receives Tom L. Popejoy Dissertation Prize" (Read more)

March 2015    AI Matters, Dissertation Brief

                         "Reinforcement Learning and Planning for Preference Balancing Tasks"

April 2014      The Innovation Door to The University of New Mexico, Vol. XXVII – Spring 2014, pages 2,5

                         “Multicopter’s Smart Technology Provides Safer, More Efficient Delivery System.”